CLAM Desarrollo is a technological company specialized in developing innovative products and services that apply to the industry. The main strategic line of work is to enhance the R&D&i. Our long industrial experience and knowledge allows us to give innovative technological solutions to customer needs. We can provide specialist assistants and produce different result depending your preference and what materials are used.

Committed to the environment and sustainability, we focus our development on products free of harmful volatile compounds and prioritize the use of raw materials from natural and renewable sources.

As a value-added factor, we promote and offer to our customers technical advice and specific training courses. In this way, we cover the needs of our customers and bring the necessary technical support to meet their final requirements.

Clam Desarrollo


CLAM Desarrollo not only stands as a developer of innovative solutions in composite. It is also of particular importance in the sector its role as a manufacturer and marketer of products for different processes, nurturing the market for innovative solutions through a wide range of specific products for different areas and applications: nautical, aeronautical, eolic, automotive, rotational molding, rubber, polyurethane, paint, reinforced plastics, etc.

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