CLAM Desarrollo is a company based in technological development applied to industrial trade.

It has accreditation Enterprise Industry Based in Technology (EIBTs), as company of goods and services committed to the design, development and production of new products and / or innovative manufacturing processes through the systematic use of technical and scientific knowledge

Clam Desarrollo EBT R + D + i

We focus our solutions on projects that arise from the observation and study of industrial processes, direct collaboration with other industrial companies or custom development for third parties.

CLAM looks at different projects based on the following sequence:

  • Detecting a need or problem, individually or business collaboration.
  • Rating and study.
  • Finding innovative solutions: R&D&i.
  • Project Development. Confidentiality.

R&D Laboratory

CLAM Desarrollo has its own R&D laboratory and pilot plant for developing and testing new products. We perform quality control of raw materials and the finished product. Both production plant and laboratory are equipped with last generation machinery and equipment to guarantee the successful results of our work. Our facilities are fully equipped that include mixers, reactors and coolers adapted to various production volumes.


The beginning of any new development starts at the laboratory, ensuring the necessary equipment is available to perform, control and test the various trials. Once the tests have achieved the initial expectations the production at a pilot plant starts. Pilot plant production reproduces a small scale production which allows manufacturing, initial samples and specifications. At this stage, through customer collaboration and validation, a development is considered ready for industrial production.