Gel Coats Uses

gel coat

Gel Coats are materials designed to give high quality finishes on the visible surface of a composite material reinforced with mineral or fibreglass.

Depending on the nature of the resin, we can offer Gel Coats based in ORTHO, ISO and ISO / NPG polyester, gel coat based on vinyl ester or epoxy resins. We have different versions for spraying or hand lay-up in all colours of the RAL chart.

Our gel coats are used in a wide range of applications and markets:

  • Nautic
  • Eolic
  • Sanitary
  • Swimming Pool
  • Tanks industry
  • Polymer Concrete
  • Automotive

We have versions with high resistance to abrasion, high weather resistance, resistant to hydrolysis and chemical agents. Also gel coats with fire resistance properties. Depending on the type of certification needed (euro class, M1F1, M2F1 …) we could help you with the right product.

Depending on your your needs, we will advise on the most suitable product.