Development of a material for the manufacture of three-dimensional modular pieces of high performance for use in facades.


The main objective is to achieve a formulation of a material for manufacturing three-dimensional modular pieces for use in facades and having the following features:

  • Gloss and Matt finishes.
  • Non-white colour availability with all the final characteristics.
  • Mineral aspect.
  • Sustainable.
  • High resistance to the weather.
  • Cast capacity for manufacturing by mould, for relatively large pieces, with an average area of 1 square meter, with the option to be larger.
  • High resistance to fire.
  • High resistance to UV radiation. All the colours.
  • Surface hardness Mohs scale at least 4.
  • Maximum density of 1,800 kg / m3, and a density of less than 1,200 kg / m3 is desirable.
Proyecto FEDER - Clam Desarrollo
Proyecto FEDER - Clam Desarrollo