Monohidrato de alúmina

Aluminium monohydrates (boehmites), like the trihydrates, have properties such as flame retardants and smoke suppressants. Monohydrates are thermally stable above 300 ° C, so it can be used in polymers or processes requiring high temperatures. It could be partial substitute for magnesium hydroxide, ATH or derivatives of phosphorus in polymer composites or polyolefin in fire retardant products.

In combination with polymeric products it offer excellent performance during the mixing process, very good compatibility with resins and can improve mechanical properties of the final products regarding abrasion and scratching.

Due to their high whiteness, combined with its physical properties it may be used to reduce the consumption of titanium dioxide in gel coat formulations, paints and pigment bases.

Silanizated materials have better integration with polymers.

Depending on your your needs, we will advise on the most suitable product.