Solid surface. Flame retardant materials.

Trihidratos de alúmina (ATH)

AluminIum trihydrates (ATH) are obtained by digestion of bauxite throughout the Bayer process.

Alumina trihydrate starts to remove constitution water above 180 ° C. Water removal cools the surface and eliminates entry of oxygen, which confers flame retardant properties and smoke suppressant. Accordingly it is a necessary raw material for products like rubber, polyurethane, polyester, silicone, thermoplastic, cables, etc. with fire retardant properties.


Due to their good chemical resistance and physical properties, aluminium trihydrate is a basic raw material for the manufacture of solid surface. The solid surface is a material widely used in sanitary, kitchen, hotels, hospitals, façade cladding and construction in general.

Aluminium trihydrates also is used in the ceramic industry, in the manufacture of enamel and pigments and catalyst for chemical reactions.

We have the widest range of ATH, which covers different needs of applications and processes:

  • A range of particle sizes from 2  to 700 microns.
  • High purity. NO toxicity or corrosivity.
  • Different levels of translucency and whiteness.
  • Different levels of absorption.
  • Silanizated for better integration with polymers.

Depending on your your needs, we will advise on the most suitable product.