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Onda Cero Eolic Energy CLAM DESARROLLO

University – Company connection In this news you can see everything of the lately progress in the EOLO project. You can also listen the interview where José Pedro Huélamo speaks at Onda Cero, manager of Clam Desarrollo Company, who also works in collaboration with the UJI.ÓN-UNIVERSIDAD-EMPRESA-11-03-2020-1.mp3   Click the link to see the full…

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ABABOL TOT is an all-in-one sealer/release agent

ABABOL TOT is an all-in-one sealer/release agent Up until today the care of the molds required three basic treatments, cleaning, sealing and a release agent. With our product ABABOL TOT we have simplified the process, whilst reducing the application time. For this, Ababol Products has achieved a perfect combination and balance between the sealant polymers…