Tooling products

Resinas para moldes

Clam Desarrollo has a complete range of TOOLING products for the manufacture of a mould from a model made in polyurethane and polystyrene, etc

Process begins with a model made for example on polystyrene. Over that model will be applied a compatible resin and a putty suitable for machinery. Once the putty has been mechanized a primer will be applied. At this point the model is ready for manufacturing a mold.

Products are available in different versions to obtain the best results.

The process continues by choosing the gel coat for moulds based on the performance needed: temperature, chemical resistance, etc. ISO Gel coat and Vinyl ester are available in different colours. At the end they are reinforce with ultrafast mould resin suited to our system.

Our tooling resins have the following characteristics:

  • Easy to use and good wettability of the fibre.
  • Fast, allowing to manufacturing moulds in one day.
  • No shrinkage of the laminate.
  • Long life and strong molds.
  • High thermal resistance.

Depending on your your needs, we will advise on the most suitable product.