We are committed to fully satisfy all our customers.

Therefore, Clam Desarrollo S.L., being a company dedicated to the design, production and marketing of products for the chemical industry have decided to implement a quality system with the following objectives:

  • To achieve maximum quality in our products, through working with high quality suppliers and having highly qualified personnel.
  • To achieve the requirements and expectations of all our customers.
  • To fully Comply with the legislation and regulations that are applicable to the company, as well as those commitments voluntarily adopted by it.
  • Every aspect of Clam Desarrollo S.L. is important, including personnel, suppliers, products, customer service, machinery etc, the involvement of each one is paramount to achieving our objectives.
  • To continue to improve the image of Clam Desarrollo S.L., distinguishing itself from the competition.
  • Help continuous improvement, establishing proactive actions aimed at achieving them.
  • The management of the company is committed to having this policy enacted, understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the company.
  • Finally, with the implementation of the quality management system we will continue to improve all our processes, as well as the continuous satisfaction of our customers.